Saturday, May 4, 2019

The best kayaking lesson I ever had

Back when I was getting started in our sport, taking the easiest lines and feeling lucky if I made it down Cache Creek without swimming, my pod was entering the campground rapid. My friend Long John, who was a professional sea kayak instructor, came up to my boat. He told me to follow him and eddyhop the rapid. We only took about fifteen minutes to run the rapid, but this short episode of follow the leader did so much to improve my skills and confidence that I consider that it may have been the most effective fifteen minutes of my life.

Nowadays I often take much more than fifteen minutes to run this rapid. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make as many attainments as possible on the way down. I find the annual slalom, which is held in this rapid, to be both challenging and instructive. I will improve my technique, and receive a number which tells me how much better (or as I age, poorer) a boater than I was a year ago.

The course at Cache Creek is always challenging, but never intimidating. I invite you to join us for this once a year event. And please bring a friend. This event offers so much benefit for progressing boaters that I am making this offer: If you bring a boater that has not raced before, we will give you a $3.00 discount on your registration. This may turn out to be one of the defining moments in your friends life.

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